Nur Beach Resort - CLASSIC WEDDING - Wedray

Nur Beach Resort – CLASSIC WEDDING

Wedding Package Includes

  • Wedding Planner Consultancy
  • Minimum Two Site Inspections Of The Venue
  • Time Table Of The Wedding Day Planning
  • Coordination With Vendors, Hotel Event Managers, A Celebrant For Symbolic Ceremony Before And During The Wedding
  • Staff Hire For The Wedding Day Set Up
  • Florist Services On The Day Of The Ceremony
  • Wedding Witnesses
  • Wooden Ceremony Gazebo With White Chiffon And Basic Floral Arrangements (Tropical Greens And Flowers)
  • Flower Petals On The Floor Of The Ceremony Venue
  • Wooden Table For The Ceremony With Basic Floral Decoration (Tropical Flowers)
  • Tropical Flowers And Greens Bride’s Bouquet
  • Groom’s Boutonniere To Match The Bride’s Bouquet
  • Wedding Rings Display For The Ceremony
  • Reception Dinner Basic Centerpiece For The Table With Tropical Flowers And Greens

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